#CategoryBusiness TypeCountRemarks
1. Agriculture related businessAgricultural Equipment And Supplies28
2. Agriculture related businessFertilizer dealers/ retailers2
3. Agriculture related businessGarden plants retailers86
4. Agriculture related businessPoultry/ Livestock Farm7
5. Agriculture related businessRicemills2
6. Agriculture related businessSeed dealers2
7. Agriculture related businessSlaugtherhouses1
8. Agriculture related businessWarehouse1
9. Computer/ Electronics/ Cellphones/ GadgetsCellphone shops, repairs and accessories14
10. Computer/ Electronics/ Cellphones/ GadgetsInternet shops/ On-line gaming 74
11. Construction related trading and servicesAuto-repair shops12
12. Construction related trading and servicesConstruction contractors/ developers32
13. Construction related trading and servicesConstruction Supplies/Concrete Products18
14. Construction related trading and servicesEngineering services20
15. Construction related trading and servicesHardwares/Electrical Business19
16. Construction related trading and servicesLumber supplies10
17. Construction related trading and servicesPaint centers/ retailers4
18. Food and Beverages BusinessBakeshop, bread products retailers25
19. Food and Beverages BusinessCarinderias/Eateries/ Barbeque house74
20. Food and Beverages BusinessCatering Services7
21. Food and Beverages BusinessFast food/ Burger stands17
22. Food and Beverages BusinessFish retailer/ vendor4
23. Food and Beverages BusinessFruits and vegetable retailers12
24. Food and Beverages BusinessMeatshop/ dressed chicken retailers16
25. Food and Beverages BusinessProcessed food/ processed meat retailers10
26. Food and Beverages BusinessRestaurants34
27. Food and Beverages BusinessRice dealers/ retailers11
28. Health and Personal care servicesDental Clinic5
29. Health and Personal care servicesDermatological Clinic1
30. Health and Personal care servicesDiagnostic Clinic5
31. Health and Personal care servicesLying-in3
32. Health and Personal care servicesMedical Clinic3
33. Health and Personal care servicesOptical clinic4
34. Health and Personal care servicesPrivate Hospital3
35. Health and Personal care servicesVeterinary Clinic/ products and services5
36. Merchandisers/ RetailersBuy and sell/ Trading145
37. Merchandisers/ RetailersDrugstores/ Pharmacy21
38. Merchandisers/ RetailersFurniture shops11
39. Merchandisers/ RetailersGeneral Merchandising36
40. Merchandisers/ RetailersJunkshops /Scrap materials buy and sell26
41. Merchandisers/ RetailersLPG dealers/ retailers1
42. Merchandisers/ RetailersMoney changers3
43. Merchandisers/ RetailersSari-sari stores158
44. Merchandisers/ RetailersSchool And Office Supplies11
45. Personal Stores and ServicesBalloons And Party Needs3
46. Personal Stores and ServicesBeauty Parlor/Barber Shop/ Facial and body care salons24
47. Personal Stores and ServicesFlower Shop1
48. Personal Stores and ServicesGift Shops/ Toy retailers/ Bazaars4
49. Personal Stores and ServicesLaundry Shop 2
50. Personal Stores and ServicesParty/ Wedding planning services2
51. Personal Stores and ServicesSpa and Massage Parlor2
52. Personal Stores and ServicesTailoring4
53. Personal Stores and ServicesTravel/ tour agencies5
54. Print-related businessPhoto Studio and supplies11
55. Print-related businessPrinting Press/ printing services / publishing2
56. Print-related businessSigns/ billboards/ advertisement shop2
57. Professional ServicesConsultancy Services1
58. Professional ServicesFuneral Parlor/Services8
59. Professional ServicesLaw Offices/Notary Public2
60. Professional ServicesManpower services/ Job placement agency13
61. Professional ServicesSchools/ learning centers30
62. Professional ServicesSecurity services3
63. Professional ServicesWelding shops9
64. Professional ServicesWoodcrafts/ iron works17
65. Recreational FacilitiesAmusement/gaming facilities1
66. Recreational FacilitiesBasketball courts11
67. Recreational FacilitiesBilliard centers1
68. Recreational FacilitiesCockpit arenas1
69. Recreational FacilitiesFitness Gym3
70. Recreational FacilitiesLibrary/ Museums1
71. Recreational FacilitiesPlaygrounds/ Parks1
72. Recreational FacilitiesResorts7
73. Transport-related Trading and ServicesAuto Supply/ Car and Jeep Parts and accesories4
74. Transport-related Trading and ServicesGasoline Stations13
75. Transport-related Trading and ServicesMotorcycle/Bicycle Parts And Supplies18
76. Transport-related Trading and ServicesTransport services11
77. Utility Services / FacilitiesApartments40
78. Utility Services / FacilitiesHotels/ Lodging houses3
79. Utility Services / FacilitiesIce Plant1
80. Utility Services / FacilitiesMarket/ Supermarket6
81. Utility Services / FacilitiesMemorial Park services5
82. Utility Services / FacilitiesTelecommunications Company2